A Good Diary is Hard to Find

adAdvanced Diary is a product that I have used for years. When I was first looking for it I was amazed that I couldn’t find something where I could store just a page of text a day and be able to recall the pages by date. When I found Advanced Diary I was over joyed because it was a feature rich program that far outweighed what I had envisioned having to put up with. I’m not aware of any other programs that provide a ‘diary like’ interface. So if you users know of any please comment in the section below. You can even export your journal entries as Microsoft Word documents. Unfortunately the developer who wrote this program has decided to charge for future versions of this product so this is the last version of this product that is free. Thankfully it is still available on most download sites. Hopefully he will leave it out there so we can all benefit from it. To get the latest and greatest version of the product it will set you back 25 dollars, but my guess is, that the freeware version does everything most people need of it.

You can download the free version at freeware arena at this link:


If you would prefer to stay current and want a product that has a future development cycle then you should download the shareware version and pay the 25 dollars. The developers site is listed below:


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