A Rainbow of Folders Awaits

This is a great application that allows you to easily change the colors of your ‘folders’. I use this to organize the files in my ‘c:\program files’, everything that I’ve installed and use I color blue, everything I want to uninstall I color red, anything that I know is something my operating system needs I color grayIcolor Folder

and anything that I don’t know or have no idea how it got there I color pink. It’s another dimension to folder management and it is very useful. The nice thing about this product is how easy it is to color the folder. After you install the product, every time you right click on a folder you’ll see the icolor menu choice and you just pick what color you want the folder to be. There are several folder ‘skins’ to choose from so you can change your style if you get tired of the old XP folders. I have not had a problem with this product interfering with the windows icon system, which was something I was a little worried about, but I’ve used it for well over a year and have not had any issues. I’ve also noticed that it has a process that runs all the time but it doesn’t take much memory to run. It’s always at the bottom of my list of processes (which is good because I sort them by virtual memory used).

This freeware is mostly for looks but I need to emphasize the value I’ve experienced by using it to sort my program folders. I use customized icons on most of the folders I use regularly but this was a good way to organize my program folders so I know at a glance what is new, what I need to uninstall, and what to leave alone. For those of us with ‘style inferiority complex’ because our friends are always showing off with their nifty Macs. We can even the score a little because the Mac folder icons are included in the ‘skins’ bundle.

After you download and install the main program, download the ‘skins’ file and put it under the main ‘icolor’ folder. It installs itself to your autorun directory but you’ll want to get things going right away so click on the icolor.exe folder and it will bring up a small interface so you can select which ‘skin’ you want. Then you’re ready to go!



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