Blood, Guts, Gore, and Death to Unwanted Windows

YKill -is the bringer of death to all those applications that put a window on your screenYkill that you can’t get rid of. If you get one of these offensive nuisances just click the ‘Y’ in your system tray to open up Y-Kill and the “kill window” will allow you to drag a skull onto the intrusive window and it slaps it down like a freight train hitting a possum every time without crashing your system. You can call up the kill window, which is really what you need 99.999% of the time, by using the hotkey default set to ‘ctl+alt+x’ and it will bring up the skull, which you just drag onto the offending window. It closes anything that is open on your desktop, even if it’s not listed as a process or a task in your task manager window. Ykill has helped me avoid many re-boots. It takes only a little bit of memory to keep this process running and, given all the crap that is out there, it’s well spent.


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