Manage What Starts When You Do

AutorunToday so many applications automatically assign themselves to your start directory so they get executed while your system is booted up. Eventually this creates a backlog of processes that unnecessarily lengthen the amount of time it takes to turn your computer on. Another problem is that most of these programs don’t just have their .exe or .lnk files executing but they also have .dll files loading and changes to your registry. It gets to be a sloppy mess if you don’t go in and delete the things that you don’t need once in awhile. Today, everyone needs some kind of tool that will allow you to look in your start menu and see what is listed. The problem is, there are several places programs can store these files that start when your computer boots up. There are a number of tools out there that will tell you what is in the start menu but none, that I’ve found, do the job that the Systernals Autorun program does. It lists everything and allows you to deselect any of the files that load on startup. It also allows you to save the file and it will compare it for you at a later date.

There are tools that have a nicer GUI and I use those sometimes, but when I really need to pin things down this is the ‘goto’ program. Sadly, everyone needs to have this program loaded on their PC and they have to be familiar with running it. Otherwise, it’s going to take you a long time to boot and you’re going to waste a lot of resources. So download this file, run it, and be amazed at all the junk that starts when you boot your system. One word of warning, don’t go through and shut off a bunch of the Windows services the first time you look at things. Just close the things you are sure you put on the system and no longer need. Eventually you’ll get more knowledgeable and you’ll know what items it makes sense to turn off. Also, after you run the program, save the file before you do anything else. Then you’ll always know that your system can run with that saved configuration.


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