Music Downloads, Fast, Fun, Free!

RaimaRadio is truly a unique and fabulous service for anyone with some extra disc space and a desire for music. I can even tag a song to be recorded in the future and this program will watch for it and record it when it plays on one of the stations I’m monitoring. I’m totally amazed at what a fantastic service thisradio

provides. There are plenty of programs that let you listen to Internet radio stations but that is only a small part of what RaimaRadio does. It’s primary function is in it’s ability to capture the songs you want, all with digital clarity and stored in an mp3 file format. It’s easier to run than most of the peer to peer or even torrent solutions to downloading music. Download it and tinker with it a little and I’m sure you’ll find that you can add a great deal of quality media to your collection.

I’m a little worried about the legalities associated with a service like this and I’m no expert in the legal details but I’m afraid that musicians are going to need to embrace the Internet as opposed to trying to force restrictions upon the users. There are just too many ways to interpret the law and too many smart people developing new solutions and the reason behind it is the great quality and convenience the brings to music distribution. If the industry would embrace it as opposed to fighting it off, the market would explode at an even greater rate than it has. I’ll get off my soapbox but I think technology should be viewed as an opportunity not a problem. Hopefully RaimaRadio will be available in the long run but I don’t see how it can last when the copyright lawyers are all well employed. I was up, running, and recording in less than 2 minutes with the software. So give it a try.


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    We are concerned about this since we offer free radio stations to our listeners.

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