The Only Choice for Browsing the Web

Are you using Firefox as your primary browser yet? In the last 2 years there has been almost no reason to use anything else. Nearly three years ago, when I first downloaded the browser, I remember thinking Firefox Logo ‘gee this is OK but it’s not that much different than Microsoft or Netscape’. That was before I knew what an extension was. Extensions are plug ins that add to the customization of the Firefox GUI. As it turns out, Firefox is highly customizable, and highly capable. You can turn it into the safest browser for surfing the web or you can make it into the best for downloading all kinds of pictures and movies or you can even set it up as a really vertical terminal for tracking packages or working with spreadsheets or blogging… or you can be like most of us and customize it so it does all those things, and more. There has never been a browser as powerful and customizable as Firefox. It is by far the ‘best of breed’ and anyone who thinks anything different just doesn’t know what they are talking about. If I were Safari, or on the IE team, or involved in any way with any other browser (including Flock and Netscape) I would be crying in my beer. With Firefox’s list of user supported extensions, themes, and plug-ins, they are years ahead of anything else out there. The Firefox community has taken web browsing to a completely different level and there is no sign of them slowing down. However, and it is completely unthinkable to me, most people use Microsoft Internet Explorer. I ran a different website last year and when I tracked the statistics I saw that about 80% of the people were still using Internet Explorer. I guess there are still a lot of people that are reluctant to download anything onto their computers. But people are constantly getting more comfortable with technology and this is one of the areas where everyone should take the leap and download the Firefox browser.

Don’t forget that after you download the browser from the link below you also need to spend some time and pick out the right extensions for yourself. I will be reviewing Firefox extensions on this site so you if you select the ‘Firefox’ category at the top of the page you’ll get some good ideas of which extensions to install.

Get the browser itself at the link below

After you install Firefox you can pick out the extensions you want from this page

There are also skins, they call them ‘themes’ so you can customize the way Firfox looks as well. You can download themes from this link.


2 Responses to “The Only Choice for Browsing the Web”

  1. Well, you’re talking about Flock but in some ways, Flock IS Firefox. Except for Themes, you can install Firefox add-ons in Flock as well as plugins. Actually, you could think about flock as firefox on steroids.

  2. Ethan Dickenson Says:

    Yup… Flock is out there. Way out on a limb I think. I used it for a while. At the time I looked at them, probably a year ago, they were going to position themselves as the ‘social bookmarking & blogging’ verticals. I’ve never really understood the market differential or the need for Flock. I don’t think all the Firefox extensions work with Flock, not all of them display the compatibility icon on the download page. To sum things up… I just don’t understand why Flock exists. It would be wrong completely wrong to call Flock Firefox on steroids. I don’t know of any feature Flock provides that is not available in Firefox. So, for my ‘best of breed’ selection, I’m sticking with the flagship product (and I don’t mean Navigator! :)). Thank you for your comment. It helps everyone to hear questions and answers so I hope you don’t interpret my response as gruff because it’s not meant to be. If you know more about Flock and it’s market position, please leave me another message.

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