It’s Easy to Create PDF Files

For some time now you’ve been able to download freeware that integrates a printer into your windows operating system which allows you to create a .pdf file by selecting a different printer from your ‘print setup window’. This is an easy freeware solution to the expensive option of buying the Adobe software to edit and create .pdf files. At first it may souJugglend like a ‘jerry-rigged’ solution, and it is, but after you use it a few times you’ll see that it’s dependable, easy, and reliable.

I do have one problem I am working on. If you want to scan several pages and turn them into one .pdf document then you have to import them, one by one, into another application, usually a word processor, to do it. I’ve been looking for a solution to that problem but as of today I’ve not found one. If this is what you are doing, before you import the documents you should format the page in the word processor and move all the margins as far out as you can because if you don’t your document will show up at about 70% as large as the original. If you do push out the margins you can get about 92% and it is hardly noticeable.

There are several solutions that all work the same way. I downloaded Cute PDF writer and it is working well for me. It does require a post script to pdf converter and there is a link to one on the Cute PDF download page that I’m referring you to. Unless you’ve worked with post script applications before you’ll need to download and install both applications. Both are a snap to install and when you go to print a document you’ll see ‘Cute PDF Writer’ listed as one of the printers that you can select.


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