The Right Tool for Managing Your Files

Microsoft Explorer is OK if you just have a single task to take care of and you’re going to be quick in and quick out but if you’ve got a continual need to navigate around your files and move, copy, rename, split, compare… then you need a file manager that has 2 panes, tabs, and the tools that make it easier for you to accomplish your tasks. I leave my file manager running at all times so it’s always at hand in my system tray. File management has been a very important characteristic of my computing environment for several years and I’ve carefully evaluated a lot of the freeware programs that are out there. Free Commander is the best one I’ve found. It has the features that most of the free programs have ‘hidden’ because they sell a shareware version that enables those features. To start, Free Commander supports a dual frame, and tabbed browsing, but that’s just the beginning of the features. You can split and compare files, and securely delete, using the native Free Commander interface and tools. Another feature that is usually turned off is the ability to highlight via file type and Free Commander supports that and it also lets you select the color of the text. I have all my .exe and .lnk files selected to show red and .dll to show green. It gives you all kinds of highlighting alternatives. It also has a program launcher built into it and it has shortcuts to the start menu and control panel. I had used Xplorer2 for years and I didn’t think I would change but within 5 minutes of working with Free Commander I knew that I had found a new file management solution. I havn’t even seen a fee based product that does as much as Free Commander does.


Free Commander is a product that you can tinker with and change just about anything you can think of. Try it out and see for yourself!


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