Snapshot Your Screen

Gadwin Printscreen is everything you could expect in a printscreen management program. I’ve used it for years. You can set it up so when you hit the ‘printscreen’ button on your keyboard, it changes your cursor so you can select exactly what you want to take a picture of. It’s like cropping the area you want to keep. I’ve got it set so it stores the images in a jpg format but you can also select; png, tiff, gif, and bmp. You can choos if you want to name the picture automatically and just store it into the directory automatically, or you can have it bring up the picture it has just taken so you can name it yourself (which is a quick process). You can have it stamp the date and time on your photos and you can pick what resolution you want your photos taken at. To sum things up, Gadwin Printscreen gives you all the options you can think of in a printscreen manager. I can’t imagine what the shareware version of the product does!

It’s a snap to download and install. It sets itself up to start when your system does. Make sure you get the freeware version of the product.


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