Usefull Gestures! – Quick Navigation in Firefox

All-in-one-gestures is an amazing product that allows you to do just about any command that Firefox recognizes through a mouse gesture. Once you get used to using gestures you won’t be able to live without them. To navigate back (same as pressing the back button) I have it set up so I push my right button then left buttonallinone quickly and to go forward I do the opposite (referred to as a ‘rocker’ navigation). I don’t even keep the back or forward button on my browser any longer! Its so much faster and easier. I’m sure you’ll really love it. There are a couple of other things I have it set up to do; to zoom in on a picture I hold the right mouse button and drag to the left and I reverse that to zoom out. One last thing I’ll mention I use it for is to navigate up if I am at the bottom of a page. I just make a quick line up while holding my right mouse key and it takes me to the top of the page.

The product is very comprehensive, there are many commands, I only use a few but sometimes I’ll read through the list and pick up something else that I want to do. You can also edit the gestures, so if there is a command that seems more natural to you for a different gesture then you can make those changes.

The product is always up to date. I’ve been using it since Firefox came out and I’ve never had to shut it down because of a compatibility problem. It’s reliable, functional, and a darn good extension. There are other ‘gesture’ extensions but this is the most comprehensive and well maintained. If you use Firefox, you should use gestures (a few anyway…).


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