An Inconvienent Truth! Scripts Are Everywhere and You Must Stop Them

Maybe I’ll get some hits Due to Al’s inspirational message šŸ™‚ NoScript is probably the most important security extension for Firefox. It works well and delivers the information in the least intrusive way possible. When a page loads it stops all the scripts and you see an icon on your statusbar with a cross through it and then you know you need to OK the scripts. notifies you with a banner across the bottom of your browser. If you want the scripts to run then you just click on the icon and select the site to run either temporarily or permanently. I notice it mostly when ads are trying to run. It is important to stop these ads from executing scripts on your PC. It’s a pain in the butt but it’s the easiest way to take care of all the garbage that you may run into out there. Everyone should use it. You can install it from the link below.


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