Drag it Drop it – Every Firefox User Should Have it!

Dragdropupload & Super DragandGo I forgot how essential this extension was until one day I disabled it while trying to clean up my extension list and I found that I couldn’t drag and drop files onto upload boxes any longer. This extension works sogroovy dots to right transparently that I didn’t even realize I used it! Therefore, in gmail I can drag a file over the ‘attachment’ text and it automatically uploads the file. It works on any site with an upload box. It should be a part of the product but for whatever reason it’s not and it is a vital bit of functionality that will save every Firefox user time. So install it and forget about it, just don’t forget to drag and drop. 🙂


I can drag and drop anything onto my Firefox browser and it will handle it. The problem is that I’m not sure which extension is doing what. Between the two of these you’ll have the same ability I have. It’s powerful, convenient, makes sense, and should probably be a part of Firefox that comes standard so we don’t have to even think about these things. But, they are easy to download, install, and then just forget about them… Definitely add this extension along with the other.



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