Icons For Your Bookmarks in Firefox

I like to be able to change my icons and this extension allows you to do just that. Any icon for a web page that is stored in your “bookmarks” can now be changed. It also works with bookmarks that you put on your toolbar. It will not replace “folder icons” so it has to be a web page and not a folder that the web page is stored in.

Once you install the extension, right click on bookmark page and select properties then select the button on the far right (it’s in French and it probably says change icon) and it will bring up an explorer window for you to select your icon. Then you are done! Of course, you have to have your own icons and for some great locations on the web to download icons you can go to Mighty Joe’s Freeware and look at section on Icons! The link for Mighty Joe’s is on the left toolbar for this page. The link to install this extension is below.



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