What To Do About Passwords – In Firefox

Like most people, I’ve struggled with Internet passwords since the Internet was created, and I still do, but now most of the time I’ve found a solution that works for me. Passwordmaker provides a good interface to store the passwords in and it automatically records the url. It will generate a password for you but, to be honest, I have notpasswordmaker gotten to the point where I use the automatically generated password yet. I still use one standard password for as much as possible and then write it down in the interface. Therefore, I’m not using all the capabilities of the product but I may soon be confident enough in the system to do it. I’m just not there yet. However, this works as a great spot to store my passwords for now and I have room to grow and more things I could use it for as I move over to a more secure system. By the way, in the picture you can see that it asks for a ‘master password’ and it’s optional and I don’t use it. Just in case you were worried about having to type a password to get your password…


ps – I’ve tried nearly every solution they have out there for this. I spent a significant amount of time on Roboform (and some of the others) but never really got them to work well. So learn from my mistakes and use this for now. If you want to security of generated passwords it is in this product for you and I’ll update you if anything better comes along.

pps – One other piece of code, that I use as a safety net, is Password Exporter and you can install that at the link below. It exports all your passwords to a file on your PC and you should go through that manual exercise once in a while. You can also just look at your passwords through it’s interface.



2 Responses to “What To Do About Passwords – In Firefox”

  1. Roboform is the best solution.

    If not, you might want to check out http://www.passpack.com.

  2. Ethan Dickenson Says:

    Hi Sridhar,
    I tried Roboform but was not impressed. Admittedly it was within the first year Firefox was available to the public. So it is time for me to try it again. I’ll check it out and let you know how I think it stacks up.


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