Click, Drag, and Release – Save Text in Seconds

I’m trying to give you only 1 product per category to maintain my ‘best of breed’ commitment to you but sometimes it makes sense to ease up on the rules a little so you get the benefit of a realistic solution. In a previous post I had recommended Zotero for storing information that you find on the Internet and I stand by that decision but when you only have a phone number that you want to keep or a url or something small like that, it doesn’t make sense to pull up an interface to store it. clippings That is the niche’ that Clippings fills and it does so in the best way possible. When you have s short amount of text you want to keep you highlight it and drag it to an icon on your statusbar (toolbar on the bottom of your Firefox browser) and drop it there. Clippings will bring up a quick window that asks you if you want to store it under a heading. You decide yes or no by typing the heading, hit OK and you’re done. To retrieve the information just double click on the icon and you can either search for the text or look at all your headings. It’s truly a snap with Clippings. By the way, I just emptied out thousands of bits of text, so that is why the picture shows that I only have 7 entries in there. I use Clippings all the time and it does make sense to empty out once in a while.


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