Alzheimer’s and Your PC Have Too Much in Common? – A Waste of Memory.

1ledme~1 This is a different kind of post than I normally write, so heads up, there is no freeware to download on this post. What I have brought to you in this post is important information about a web site that will help you shut down the unnecessary services running on your operating system (NT).  I wrote this a couple of years ago, it all still applies, I did have to change the url, but looking back on it now I think I wrote too much.  I probably should have pointed you to BlackViper’s web site and not tried to explain things from my perspective. But I decided to leave my comments for those of you who might be interested in reading what I have to say about my situation (a laptop with a RAM bottleneck). However, if you are going to go through this exercise, please don’t just shut down the services I mention here and rely on my post for the information. Go to BlackViper’s page, follow his instructions, and you will be better off for it.

At this web site you can learn what services are doing and stop the ones that you do not need. It was a real eye opener for me!

Below I have listed some of the services I have stopped but you need to go to the site above and read through it so you understand what services are right for you to shut down. BlackViper has made it easy to look up your services. The only reason I am showing you what I shut off is so you understand what a waste some of these services are.

The indexing service: If you create a lot of files and directories on your computer the indexing service built into XP, and automatically turned on each time you start your computer, is probably sucking up your memory and slowing you down.

Network Location Awareness: It turns out that this service is not needed if you have upgraded to XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Server: Doesn’t make sense unless you are sharing printers or files across a network like they do at big companies. In fact, it is a security risk if you are using your computer at home as a single user.

SSDP Discovery Service: It turns out that the things this “discovers” are pretty unlikely for you to have at your home and it may be a security risk to leave this on.

System Restore Service: Especially with this service, you need to read through the description on the “black viper” web page. This service creates a snap shot of my environment every so often. Besides the indexing, this is the largest offender of system resources on your service list. I made the decision to stop it because I don’t think I will ever use it. Even if my drive crashes (knock on wood).

TCPIP Netbios: Provides legacy support for these networking formats. If you use a cable modem from home you probably don’t need this service.

Terminal Services:
If you are sharing your computer with several people you should leave this on. I am not so I shut it off.

WebClient: BlackViper has not found a reason to have this running and it is a security risk so I shut it down.


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