Fast Access to All Programs on Your PC


Friends, I am still a fan of launchy however, I was surprised to find out that Launchy and each of its plugins draws a ‘critical security threat’ and each must stay connected to the internet to work! Why in the world would a program launcher need to stay connected to the internet? Your guess is as good as mine. So one word of advice… Minimize the problem by double checking the plugin folder to make sure that no modules exist in that folder. You can delete everything in the plugin folder… It looks like there may be room for improvement on the program launcher front after all. I was very surprised the application was doing this. And when I shut it down via my firewall, I couldn’t get my firewall to accept my browser any longer. I ended up having to uninstall and re-install my firewall. A fine waste of an afternoon that was. So heads up! I’m still using it but I am certainly looking for something that accomplishes the same thing without connecting to the internet.
I’ve worked with so many program launchers over the years and I’ve seen the task approached a number of different ways but when it gets right down to getting access to my programs quickly, Launchy is the best possible solution. Instead of having to work to update your shortcuts every time you add new software or change the list of things you want to run, you point launchy at a directory and it does the rest. So setting up and maintaining Launchy is truly a snap.

When you want to run an application you just tap ‘alt+space bar’ (at the same time) and small search window will appear. You start typing in the application that you want to work with and you see the file name fill in the search window and then you hit enter and Launchy disappears again until you need it. Launchy also employs some intelligence so it knows what programs you run regularly and gives them priority over the .exe files that you rarely use.

To wrap things up… Launchy is extremely lean on resources to run, it is unbelievably slim on set up and maintenance, and it is as smart as a program launcher can be. Which leads me to believe that there will never be a need to run another program launcher (well… as long as we use keyboards) because the task of launching programs can’t be completed any more efficiently than Launchy does it.

This is your ‘1 click’ download link for Launchy.

I recommend downloading the skins too. After you download just unzip them and put them in the ‘skins’ file where Launchy is installed… probably c:\program files\Launchy\skins You can download the Skins and get other product information from Launchy’s main page at this link.


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  1. I too use Launchy. It’s simple, fast and just works. Those looking for more configurability, check out

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