Kill Espionage by Shutting Down Their Data Feeds

XP Antispy is a must have program for anyone running Windows XP. There are all kinds of things in Windows XP that you don’t necessarily want to run. This program allows you to shut off a lot of the unnecessary services that XP is running. It basically puts a GUI around the administrativeantispy chore of shutting down the services that might be a problem. The GUI tells you what it is doing and provides some great information about the services so you can make the right choice on whether or not it’s necessary for each service to run in your environment. Everyone running Windows XP should install and run this product because it tightens up your security and saves you a lot of resources.

After you download and install, plan on spending about a half hour reading each item carefully. You can normally take the developers advice about turning off or leaving on the service. There are some things on the list that he suggests you not shut off in certain situations so it is a good idea not to go down the list checking off the boxes. There is a menu item that lets to turn the list back to ‘default’ if you need to.


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