Pirate Talk – Avast Ye Matie – The Best Anti-Virus Package in The World

I am truly amazed and appreciative of the quality that Avast provides to it’s home users free of charge. The Avast suite is a “first class” anti-virus package. I know no better and I’ve seen most. Being an anti-virus vendor, you must establish and continually provide a vigilant relationship with your customer and Avast constantly updates their virus database and they do it as transparently and efficiently as possible for both fee and free customers. I can’t thank Avast enough for the value they provide to us free users consistently. Every home and business user should run Avast. I have no doubt, they are the best, so install their software and put your Virus troubles behind you.

More information from Avast

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2 Responses to “Pirate Talk – Avast Ye Matie – The Best Anti-Virus Package in The World”

  1. It might be the best free AV solution. It falls behind Kaspersky, the consistent # 1 performer.

    Check out http://www.pallab.net/2007/05/11/virusgr-releases-new-test-results/

  2. Ethan Dickenson Says:

    Aye, Captain Katakam, Those test findings are impressive but I’ll never put anything on me computer from AOL again and this here blog is a freeware blog and a fine freeware blog she be. In fact, she’s a collection of only the best freeware on the planet and I couldn’t very well go around recommending fee based service. I trusts ye mates that I see consistently doing a good job on me own PC for free and I don’t trust ye fellars that oem to that there AOL. You’d be better off with Avast mate. It’s a good product that has shown me consistent results in my freeware world and I won’t be changing my recommendation to any of them lilly livered, AOL OEMing, fee based, virus seeking, Kaspersky.

    Captain, Ethan Dickenson

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