File Locked, Can’t Delete – Don’t Take That Crap!

When you get that error message ‘can not delete this file, another program is using it, check to see if your disk is full’ … Microsoft’s message is so out of date, the reason that you can’t delete the file is never because your disk is full ( not since the 70’s). Regardless, Unlocker will tell you if the file is safe to delete and what programs are locking it. Then you can kill any process that is blocking it and remove the file. After installing unlocker you just highlight the file by right clicking on it, then choose unlocker from your context menu and it will bring up the interface.


One Response to “File Locked, Can’t Delete – Don’t Take That Crap!”

  1. This program never worked for me.
    Author Responds – Ethan Dickenson

    I’m sorry this program didn’t work for you. It is a long-time trustworthy, useful, and reliable program for me. You should take another look at it. Maybe there is something in your configuration but I’ve run this program on at least 10 different cpu’s all running various versions of Windows over the last 8 years. It’s proven to be a valuable program for me. Sorry you had trouble with it. Let me know if I can help in some way.

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