Music Downloads – Build Your Dream Library!


For many years I’ve been looking for the best way to download music. I’ve tried several solutions including some of the peer to peer services. Nothing has worked as well as the combination of the search site SkreemR and the Firefox extension Unplug.

I use the ‘advanced search’ which lets you break out; artist, album, or title. After you search, SkreemR pulls up your results, you ‘hit the fish’, which is the icon for the Unplug extension, and it will open a new tab with a list (including name and type) of all the files available for download from the SkreemR search page. This way, you don’t have to listen to the song or let the page load. If you type in a query on a band, you can download all the songs listed on the page in a minute or two.

First you should download the Unplug Firefox Extension. Of course, if UnPlugyou don’t have Firefox you can: Get Firefox Here. Then grab the UnPlug extension. After that, go to the site and start searching! Of course, you should use good judgment and only download songs that are legal to download. Have fun building a great music archive!


One Response to “Music Downloads – Build Your Dream Library!”

  1. Have em both 😉

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