Unzipping Has Always Been More Fun!

 I’ve seen most zip program on the market and there are many that work well. For the last few years I’ve been using Filzip and it is a very efficient tool for unzipping. The average user isn’t concerned with how tightly their zip utility packs data, we expect the technical people to deal with that issue. Our primary focus is on usability and, to be specific, on unpacking zipped files because most of us unzip all day but only zip occasionally. Unzipping has always been for fun!

When you install Filezip it will put an icon on your text menu so the next time you right click on a file (any file) you will see a Filezip icon. Once you go to the icon, the third option is tozip unzip the package to whatever directory you are currently in. Filezip then will create a folder in that directory with the name of the file you are unzipping and put all the unzipped files into that new directory. This makes sense and I’ve come to love Filezip for it. You can also create a ‘favorite’ directory and it will do the same when you choose that option.

It’s easy to create archives in Filzip too and there are a plethora of features available for zipping the files including encryption and password protection but most importantly, it’s great at unzipping the files you download and that saves you a lot of time.

Download Filezip

Filezip can read and unzip the following archives (which is nearly everything Windows related archive as far as I know).

Ace, Arc, Arj, BlackHole, Cabinet, Filezip Encrypted (.fea), Filezip backup script (.fzs), GZip (.gz, .tgz), Jar,
Lha (.lha, .lzh),Game Package Archives (.pak), Rar, Tarred, UU encoded (.uue, .uua), XX encoded (.xxe), Zoo archives
(.zoo) and zip archives.

2 Responses to “Unzipping Has Always Been More Fun!”

  1. Why install a program that only deals with zip files? A program like winrar would be better as it can handle many types of compressed archives.

  2. ace, .arc. arj, .cab, .gz, .lha, .jar, .rar, .tar und .zip — Filzip handles the above listed archive types. I’ve never run into a compressed file that it doesn’t handle. Thanks for pointing out that I didn’t include this information in my post. I also left out all the features of Filzips archive abilities because most readers are going to be interested in Filzip’s more general abilities. I usually won’t list products that I have used myself over a long period of time. When I list a product as ‘best of breed’ that product has proven its ability to me and I’ve usually tried many others (in this case I’ve used winrar, 7zip, picozip, zippeg, peazip and, over the years, several I can’t remember) I don’t list out all the features or a comparison chart because I’m not doing an official test. I try to use several things and then I just pick the one I like. I this case, I’ve been using zip software for over ten years and comparing different things and Filzip is the one I like best.

    I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to explain the process I go through before selecting something as ‘best of breed’ and I want to thank you for reading and participating. I’m always interested in finding something better so if you know of something you think is better please let me know. In this case, I’ve seen winrar and there isn’t a lot of difference between PC filzip software… I just like filzip best but if you find something that you like better and it does something unique, I want to know. That is the purpose of this blog 🙂 so thank you for participating. I truly appreciate your thoughts.

    Ethan Dickenson, Author, Today’s ‘Best of Breed’.
    ~~~~~A suite of freeware for Windows~~~~~

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