Breakthrough – .PDF Editing, Viewing, Commenting, in a Free Product

The best part of my job (I consider this blog my job) is trying new software and finding a free package that excites me because it does something unique that is really awesome. I got that feeling when I downloaded PDF – Xchange Viewer. At the time I downloaded it, my hard drive had crashed and I just needed a PDF viewer and it was a product I had not tried so I put it on my system. I looked at several Lady Liberty!documents, was happy with the speed at which the Xchange Viewer pulled them up but I didn’t notice all the features until I was looking at a form stored as a .pdf and I wanted to fill it out. While looking at the form, and thinking how nice it would be to fill out the form and store it, because it was a form that I have to submit over and over again, my eyes doubtfully looked at the top of the document and found the edit toolbar and I was excited and pleased to find that I could do everything I needed to do (and more) with the Xchange Viewer. I could type and just fill out my form or I could leave a bright yellow sticky comment for someone, I could lock the document from editing once I was done, I was truly over joyed with all the features. I had always wanted the ability to fill out forms stored in a PDF format. The Xchange Viewer is fast, has all these great edit features, and free and I’m surprised that I have not read more about it in some of the other ‘market sight’ pages I regularly visit. So I’m very happy to recommend what I think is truly a great freeware product, everyone should download the PDF Xchange Viewer.

Breedlink to: PDF Xchange Viewer


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