Phizer Marketing With Illegal Spam Campaign?

This is an article from download squad.  My response is below.  I am completely outraged at this breaking news story.  Please read this and think about how damaging this could be for phizer and comment.  

Pfizer computers sending Viagra spam?

Pfizer computers sending Viagra spam?Pfizer is a pretty big drug manufacturer is it not? Then why have they been hawking Viagra and fake Rolex watches through their email network?

Apparently some of Pfizers computers have been sending out emails that are not part of their marketing efforts. Malware has infected a number of the drug giant’s computers and instructed them to send out spam on behalf a very ingenious hacker that has penetrated their systems that should have been well sealed up. A security based company let Wired into what was happening, and has stated that Pfizer’s computers have been sending out spam for the past six months from over 138 different Pfizer IP addresses hawking their own goods, as well as junk stocks and penis enlargement products.

There is no word from Pfizer whether they know what’s going on inside their own computer network yet. Maybe they are keeping it a little hush hush for now until quarterly earnings prove that the hacker’s efforts are affecting their bottom lines in a good way.

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1. The facts in this article are unbelievable and intolerable. Their stock should nose dive in response to the public finding out about their illegal internal marketing policies. If this is true, the evidence sounds very strong, the major media channels should really pick it up. If I had Phizer stock I would be rushing to sell. It is absurd and totally unprofessional for a well known and reputable pharmaceutical company to have a coordinated spam campaign. Do they also conspire to fake prescriptions? What do these spam messages say? I’ve never got an viagra spam email that says ‘contact a reputable physician to get your prescription today’. They have to be involved in prescription fraud if this is true and that is another problem. This is completely unthinkable.

Ethan Dickenson, Author, Today’s ‘Best of Breed’
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Posted at 11:05AM on Sep 8th 2007 by Ethan Dickerson


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