Scripts Ahoy! – Stylish Greasymonkey Needed 4 Filtered Gmail

I don’t do too much with scripts but there are a couple of sites where they really add value. Firefox has 2 script extensions, Greasemonkey and Stylish. These ‘script engines’ run against the html between when the browser pulls the data from the web site and when the data is presented to you. Therefore, the script is usually written for a specific site. The most popular sites are; Google – search, mail, images, reader, calendar and YouTube, and Yahoo and a few others. So unless you use these sites the script extensions will be of little value. I personally use Gmail and some other Google pages frequently so I’ve found some interesting scripts and I will give you some links to the scripts I use (see below). Recently, I’ve noticed people writing scripts to change the Firefox GUI. I changed my theme to a ‘dark’ design which will shade every theme and I really like that feature.

When Firefox first came out I tried Greasemonkey and was intrigued by it. I loaded up several themes and after about 6 months of fooling around with it I decided to slim down my browsing environment and I uninstalled nearly everything. Since then I’ve built up and slimmed down several crazy larrytimes. A few months ago I installed Stylish and found a couple of scripts I really thought added value but then I read about a Greasemonkey script in Lifehacker that identified a script that customized Gmail’s filter assistant (I recommend this script, see link below, for anyone that uses Gmail and its filtering features). So now I’ve got both the Greasemonkey and Stylish extensions installed. I wish the two of them would merge so we could cut Firefox overhead. In general, I’ve learned to keep my Firefox extensions as slim as possible. So it would be a nice improvement but my Firefox configuration still runs very fast and when viewed as a complete browser, it is an unbelievable solution.

As a side note, when the filter assistant mentioned above first came out it was a Stylish script. But then I lost it (for whatever reason) and I couldn’t find it again and it finally resurfaced as a Greasemonkey script. Maybe the Stylish script is still out there someplace or maybe someone will port it to Stylish some day. I may look at that myself. 🙂

I will continually update this page and add/subtract the scripts I use in my configuration of Firefox.

Breedlink: Stylish

Breedink: Greasemonkey

My Stylish Scripts

Scripts To Change Stylish
Dark Blue Redesign of Stylish
User Styles 3 Column Display
Google Redesign Blue
Scripts to change Gmail
Customize New Header Line
Attachment Icon Replacer
Inbox With Nex Style
Sidebar with Renovated Style
Scripts to change Firefox Application
Darkstyle for Firefox: 
The best thing about the Darkstyle script is something that the script author
doesn't have a picture of on his page.  It puts these bands around your tabs 
and marks your 'active' tab with a red band as opposed to the 'inactive' blue 
tabs.  I love it because it enables me to see which tab I'm truly focused on.
See Picture below:

Add Bookmark Dialog: Show Folder Tree 


addbookmarkIt has always bugged and
confused me when I go to
add a bookmark and you can't
tell where you are going
to put it. They change the
way the directory tree interacts
with the user when saving
a bookmark and I could never
understand why they would do
something like that.  This script
solves the problem.  This should
definitely be a part of the
standard product.  Why oh why would
they make it harder than it has to be!

Global – Changes Apply to Every Page

Bright Focus (buttons, links, text boxes)
Icon Identifiers for Links

My Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey scripts to change Gmail
Filter Assistant 


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