CYA – Get Cozy With Mozy – Have You Been Saved Yet?

mozy.jpgThose who read my blog regularly know (because I mention it too often) that I went through a hard drive crash about 6 months ago.  It was a nightmare but it was made a little easier by the fact that I had been running Mozy against ‘my documents’.  I didn’t get back what I expected.  They don’t replace your image files but they did save my butt by replacing all my spreadsheets and text documents.  Not bad for a free service.   You get 2GB of free backup space and that goes a long way if you are just backing up ‘my documents’.  Especially if you fence off your Music and Photos.  It is true that most people require more than Mozy’s free service to adequately backup their PC’s but Mozy is sure better than nothing and it is enough to limp along on if you don’t want to spend some pretty significant bucks on another hard drive or a fee based backup service.  Especially when you consider the free space that is available on the Internet now.  You can push important image documents out to Picassa, Flicker, or Microsoft’s Live Space.  I’m working to scan and store most of my important files on the Internet.  So even someone who should know better, like me :), can get along without spending any money for a backup solution if they are anal about keeping up with a plan.  A word of caution, even if I am careful, I don’t have any way to backup my program files but the good news is that I’ve got all the download locations saved on this site and all my software is free!!  So I’ve got that covered as well!  

Mozy will install 2 processes that run all the time but it is just a scheduler and I shut them both down frequently.  I reboot enough to stay reminded about turning the service back on.  It notifies you if you have not backed up your files in 7 days.  The download and setup are painless and the backup isn’t too bad on your resources either.  All things considered, Mozy is a great service.  They saved my butt so I owe them one.




4 Responses to “CYA – Get Cozy With Mozy – Have You Been Saved Yet?”

  1. Unfortunately Mozy doesn’t work from behind a corporate proxy.

    By the way, as per your comment in my blog, I added yours to my blog roll. Hope you reciprocate.

    ——————-Author Response——————-

    Sridhar, Thank you for bringing up that viable issue (from behind a corporate proxy).

    Dave, Thanks for clearing up Sridhar’s issue for us. I think it makes complete sense for a business to have a formal backup procedure/policy and outsourced to Mozy is a great solution which dovetails nicely with the issue :). One of the best things about offering free services like this to home users is the word of mouth advertising and hands on experience people can get working with your product on their home projects. I don’t think anyone backs up as many drives as Mozy does and you are surely better at it than I am. My patched up, Mikey Mouse solution works great for my personal needs and only while I’m not generating a huge amount of data. A business has too much data flowing through it to get by on the scenario I discussed in my post. Even now it limps along on one freeware leg but it is wonderful to know that when I need to grow into something more comprehensive and secure I can just plunk down a few bucks, flip a switch, and I can grow into a ‘Lands End’ or a Sharper Image without making many changes.

    Also Sridhar, Thank you for adding ‘breed’ to your blogroll. I added so you should
    be there… I like your site.

  2. Thanks for the inspiring post. A good backup plan is critical because every hard drive will fail eventually.

    In response to Mr. Katakam’s comment, MozyPro (the professional version of Mozy) does indeed work from behind a corporate proxy.

  3. If you would like an extra 256MB of storage on top of the 2GB (which will also give me the same), you can use my referral link here:

    or alternatively just enter the code CQC6RC by hand during the registration process.

    Also, if you use my code, I will travel to wherever you live and give you a hug*.

    *Hugs valid only for redemption within the greater Reading area of England. All others will receive a mental ‘air hug’ which will make you feel all warm and gooey inside.

    —————–Author Response —————————–

    Thank you for the extra space Leon, I will take you up on that offer. I make it a point never to turn down a free byte, especially from a company that I know and trust like Mozy. We home users don’t often get an opportunity to voice our gratitude for the free services that marketing savvy companies like Mozy offer for us to use. I can’t express how appreciative I am or how smart I think it is for a company like yours to offer a free program like this to home users. Every decision maker in the world has a home system that needs to be backed up. Not only do you learn about your customer’s (and vice/versa) but you show everyone that Mozy has the type of infrastructure it takes to handle unthinkable amounts of data along with an unprecedented number of accounts. I don’t think any company in the world can say they have more active online backup services running in the world and I’m sure Mozy will continue to be the ‘gold standard’ for backup and retrieval/recovery. Why trust something so vitally important to a company you have no history with? Mozy went from an unknown company to being a household name in a very short period of time and when I hear the ads for Carbonite telling me they can back up my computer for x dollars I tune them out before I can chuckle to myself about their 15 day trial offer. So the free service to home users is an incredibly powerful and important marketing scheme and I’m truly astonished that Mozy was able to offer a service like this to everyone.

    Now, regarding the hug… I live in NC (US) and, being a straight male, I’m not sure I want to feel ‘all warm and gooey inside’ but I am sure that plenty of my readers are chomping at the bit to get ‘cozy with Mozy’… 🙂

    To my readers: Don’t be shy about claiming your gift from Mozy!

    Many thanks again Neal and Mozy.

    Ethan Dickenson

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