Save Money! Cancel Cable – TV For The Next Generation

joost.jpgJoost has been around for a few months and is the best ‘TV over the Internet’ site I’ve found (although there is a lot of competition). Joost has a pretty good lineup of channels and should keep you satisfied for hours of high definition television bliss. It makes me wonder how long cable companies are going to be around. Theoretically, you could buy a large PC monitor and hook it up to a good CPU, which you could buy with all the money you save on cable bills, and (if you subscribe to the other ‘TV over the Internet’ services) get a pretty comparable service to standard cable and just think of the benefits! Joost still has a few kinks that will keep it out of the mainstream living room, but for those of us who are comfortable with technology, it is a viable option. I’m thinking about switching my cable off. My teenager doesn’t watch television any longer and if my 10 year old twins had access to a computer in a comfortable setting they could make the change as well.

You have to download Joost from the site below. It takes a fairly robust PC but nothing the average household doesn’t have today. You could go out and spend 400 bucks on an e-machine and be more than ready to run Joost. After you download, and sign in, you’ll have to get used to the interface and the way it assigns ‘channels’ but you could be watching television productively within a half hour, maybe less…


When I wrote this post I didn’t realize that Joost was still doing their Beta. You should be able to get an instant invitation at the site below. Please let me know if you have any trouble getting a membership. My thanks and appreciation to Gigaom for letting us in on their coattails.


veohThere is another solution and maybe even a better one. Here is a site named Veoh that has an open beta of their internet TV. The quality is even great with their streaming setup, which you get just by going to the site. They have a very strong list of channels and movies. I’m currently checking out their Veoh home TV (open beta), which I would give you a link directly to that website but it requires you to get a username before downloading the software but it is no problem, all you have to do is register.

With the combination of these 2 sites I truly believe the cable company is going to start getting some cancellations from the geeks like me. But they still have Road Runner (cable modem) and I even have my phone hooked up with them. So I can’t eliminate my bill but I can certainly lower it! If you like TV, you’ve got to check out Veoh. I didn’t even mention it’s social aspects and other features but you’ll be impressed every time you click your mouse.


3 Responses to “Save Money! Cancel Cable – TV For The Next Generation”

  1. hi, this looks like an interesting service, but it seems to be invite-only? I don’t suppose you have any invites to give away? Cheers!


    —–Response from the Author —–

    I apologize about not knowing this was still a private beta. I’m signed up so when I visit the site it just asks me for my ‘sign in’ and it doesn’t say anything about a beta but if any of you would like to get on the beta list I can probably arrange for it. Just send me an email requesting a beta at and I’ll see if I can figure it out.


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