Tweek Till You Freak!

For all you tweekers out there, I’ve found a product that you’ve got to have. After you set it up and run it for a while, you’ll feel like you can’t operate Windows without it in a week. The first and most important thing I’ve been looking for is a free application that will send windows to the tray when I minimize them. Until recently the only way you could get this done is to buy a shareware product named PS Tray factory Pitaschio rules!which does a good job but hey, you have to pay for it, and that just isn’t in line with my principles. Regardless, I recently found an application that will take care of the function named above and many more things too. It’s named Pitaschio, which is a catchy name but annoying as can be to remember. It lets me turn my desktop icons onto the ‘small view’, gives me a quick on/off switch for my keys and mouse so I can clean them without sending my computer into a tailspin, provides ‘mouse shortcuts’ that do things like turn on your screen saver if you control + double-click the desktop, and it lets you turn on ‘window snapping’ both outside and inside applications. I love all those things I mentioned but there are several other features that you may ‘mind melt’ with Windows.

One word of warning! The program defaults are set up to annoy you so that you will learn how to use everything. You’ll notice things like; no part of your window will leave the screen, caps lock is shut off, insert key is disabled… it’s easy to fix these things but it freaked me out when I first installed it. But stick with it because Pitaschio is truly worth it. I’ve run it for over a month and have had no problems with it except that I can’t run my computer without it now! 

[via lifehacker]

Honorable mention goes to  Trayit which may be appropriate if all you want to do is send windows to the system tray.  I like the way it controls that specific function better than Pistachio does.  So if you are looking for that specific function just use Trayit. 


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