Play The Field – Don’t Settle 4 One StatusBar

Have you ever looked for one of the icons on your statusbar and been mystified to find it had evaporated and then been forced into trying to figure out what happened?  Those days are over because Statusbars works like a charm.   It does what you might expect, it lets you add as many statusbars as you want so you can move all the garbage off to a different bar.  The addon’s description talks about how you can set uphomer multiple statusbars for different needs but the primary value I get out of it is that it allows me to move the stuff I don’t want to a hidden statusbar.

This is a great solution and is nearly mandatory for anyone who has more than ten addons to their Firefox browser.  It is easy to download, install, and configure, and I don’t think it adds much resource consumption to your Firefox environment so install without worry because, it’s a good one!  It works much better than the other solution, I think it was named Statusbar organizer. 


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