Get Down With a Couple of Tools

Down Them All (DTA) and Download Status Bar (DSB): I run both of these download extensions. I started with Download Status Bar when Ff first came out so I’m comfy with it and like grabbing my download history from it. DSB also gives you a GUI picture on your status bar of your download progress and when it’s done you can double click the download and it will execute. An argumSonicent could be made to drop Download Status bar and just use DTA, I like both but the meat of what you need is in DTA… It lets you look at a complete web page and see every object embedded in it. Then, if you want, you can download them all but it also provides a way to filter that information so you only see certain types of files, for example .gif but, of course, there is a filter editor so you can strip out whatever file type you need to. You can also set up a directory so that it always stores a certain file type in that directory or just have a favorite directory to download stuff into. You can pick when you tell the download to start. It handles auto renaming and basically everything you need in a download manager. In fact, for several years I ran Free Download Manager but I dropped it because Down Them All (DTA) has everything I need in a download manager. Anyone who downloads stuff (which is nearly everyone) would benefit from having these extensions.

Down Them All

Download Statusbar


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