Don’t Point, It’s Rude. Change Your Cursor to Something Pleasant.

If you are running windows XP or Windows 2000 you can take advantage of Cursor XP freeware.lady of fire Which is, by far, the best solution for changing your cursor available. Their are hundreds of animated cursors available for you to download from the ‘Wincustomize’ site.

Download CurserXP from this link!

If you’re running something other than XP or if you want to try something other than CursorXP then you can check out Realworld’s Cursor Changer. It is a more ‘basic or standard’ solution. If you’re on a different operating system you’ll need to check and make sure it will work for you. There seems to be a fuzzy line here… If your operating system stores cursors in c:\Windows\cursor\ then it would seem like it would have a good chance at working for you but you should check out the compatibility statement and decide if it is worth checking out.

Realworld has developed a freeware product named ‘change cursor’. It took me a while to figure out how to engage this because after I loaded it I couldn’t figure out if it was doing anything, and it wasn’t (I’m terrible at reading directions). After you install the software you need to go to C:\Windows\Cursor\ and right click on one of the cursor pictures you see and it will bring up a context menu and you select ‘change cursor’ and there you will see that you can assign different pictures to the functions listed. There are 3 different kind of files in this directory; .ani = animated, .cur = just a still image, .crs = a complete configuration. If you pick a .crs file it is like picking a theme of cursors. The first time you do this you’ll probably have to go through and pick different .cur and .ani files for the different functions (normal, precision select, busy, working…) and then you can save it as a ‘scheme’ and that is what creates the .crs files.

You can also download cursor pictures from Realworld’s site and a variety of other sites also carry these standard cursor pictures (.ani & .cur). Or, if you prefer, you can create your own cursor pictures! RealWorld has a free cursor editor package. I have not tried that out so I can’t really recommend it here.

ps – While searching for .ani & .cur pictures to download (after download you just drag the individual files into c:\windows\cursor\) there are so many icon and cursor editors that I had a hard time finding sites to download just the .cur and .ani files from. Those files are out there and you can find them but you have to weed through all the editors to find them.


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