Hyperwords – Hype What You Can Do in Firefox

Hyperwords is one of the most functional extensions in Firefox. I use this all the time through the context menu. I use it consistently for thehyperword.jpg following things;

1. it allows me to highlight some text and send it to the printer. This is good for a lot of things, including Google directions

2. copy url

3. copy link location

4. look up definition in dictionary

5. send highlighted words to Google search

6. get similar pages through delicious

7 and many more…

There are a lot of things it enables you to do. You can also see a report of everyone who links to the page, see a wayback report of the page… It makes all the sense in the world to install this extension because many of the things that you would normally pull up a different site to do are part of hyperwords and it is much faster to use it as opposed to pulling it up individually. It will take you a while to get used to everything and know what you can use hyperwords for but once you’ve figured it out I’m sure you’ll appreciate how useful it is.

One word of warning on this extension, when you first install it the default settings will enable a bothersome auto engage. Whenever you click on a text box it will bring up a ‘hyperword menu’. Disable this bothersome function in the options and you’ll be happy with the abilities of the extension.



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