Comodo Removed, My Firewall Pick Returns to Sygate on 9.11.07

9.11.07 – Comodo Blocks Me For The Last Time.

Great Walls of Fire!

Posted on August 27th, 2007.

I decided it was time to take another look at the free firewalls. I found an article on LifeHacker and thenComodo an article on ‘Freeware Genius’ (both great ‘Market Sight’ resources) and they led me to a product named Comodo, which I’d never heard of before. I was suspicious but impressed to find a review by PC magazine, which named it as one of the top firewalls (bar none). The research eventually led me to this report by MatouSec, which lists every firewall in the market, evaluates their performance, and identifies which products are free. I was blown away to find Comodo Firewall Pro, which was tagged as freeware, at the top of the list. That sealed the deal so I downloaded and installed it and now I’m a firm believer in Comodo Firewall Pro.

It uses about the same amount of resources as Sygate and Zone Labs, so no surprises there, and I was very satisfied with the simple and straight forward GUI they provide. Now I can say with Confidence that this is the best Firewall on the market, and it’s freeware and that makes it a crucial part of our ‘best of breed’ suite of products. You can download it at the link below!


As a side note, that report by MatouSec also provided a table that included link’s to all the firewall companies it reviewed.


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