LavaSoft’s Adaware – An Unpleasant Experience

Lavasoft’s Adaware no longer recommended

I had used Lavasoft’s product Adaware for at least 7 years. So when I started this site I felt comfortable listing them as one of ‘Today’s Best of Breed’. It is my commitment to my readers that I use everything I post. I recently bought a new computer and am just getting things updated and I had not run adaware for some time.

So I go to their page and am surprised to find that it is a little hard to figure out how to get the free version. So I find it, download it, and install it, and when it is running it makes it look like I need to input a key. I struggle to remember if it required an email address to download, because I’ve run into that before, and maybe they sent me a key that way… I try to shut the installation down and it just goes on and all of a sudden is running. It was perplexing and I didn’t like the user experience at all. I performed a ‘deep-scan’ of my system, this is the most comprehensive scan they offer in the free version of their software, and it finds nothing. Just a few cookies that I want to keep anyway. I took it with a grain of salt, thinking that I was just doing a good job and I shut down the software. The next day I wonder where all my RAM is and I pull up Process Explorer. Much to my surprise I see that Adaware is the second largest draw on my virtual memory. This was too much.

I know products change, but they usually explain to the user what is going on when and what they plan to install on your system. Spybot did it the right way. They are a very similar product to Adaware and when I downloaded the latest version and went through the install, I knew I was turning the ‘tea-timer’ on and it was explained that I would have a process that would run all the time. I take processes that run all the time very seriously and I don’t approve many. Spybot’s process took up 1/10th the resources Lavasoft’s product does now.

To sum things up… it was a very frustrating experience and a big turnoff. Lavasoft had my attention and credibility in my eyes and I’m a rather loyal person but this was a bad user experience. I felt insulted by the system key joke at the beginning and then fooled by the resource hogging process they loaded on my system at the end. Therefore, I no longer recommend Adaware. This was my original post in my old blog.


One of the standard freeware packages for finding spyware that has hidden itself on your PC is LavaSoft. It scans your system and fixes the problems. LavaSoft has been around for a long time and they continually update their database. Every home computer should run this freeware at least once a month.


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