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Legal and Free Music Downloads- Qtrax Still Not Allowing Downloads

Posted in Entertainment, Free Music Downloads, Freeware Download, Music, peer to peer with tags on January 28, 2008 by Ethan Dickenson
I wrote this post January 28th 2008 yet the Qtrax site still does not allow downloads.  It says “downloads are coming soon”.  I’ve downloaded Qtrax’s client and have it on my system.  Which I won’t advise you to do, at this time because downloads are not yet available. However, they claim they are coming so we are all waiting and hoping that some day soon, Qtrax will enable the downloading of free music via their peer to peer network.

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Beavis & Butthead As Butthead might say, Free music downloads rule. I was surprised and pleased to see this article come across the wire.
Apparently, the music industry has caved into the demands of consumers, powered by technology that makes sharing and transferring files between people and devices a snap, to offer free and unrestricted access to nearly every song available. This time it’s no joke because the music companies have signed on with an organization that has developed a peer to peer network which will earn income through advertising and pay the music companies a fee based on ‘use statistics’. Hopefully, this will trickle down to the musicians who wrote the songs. I knew, the first time that I downloaded a song, this day would come. The ability to search archives, download single tracks, and transfer them from computer to mobile devices, is a technology that is far better than the old system of music distribution. It was obvious to me that the music companies and the

Dancing Bear

musicians would need to reinvent the way they made money. Being a ‘DeadHead’ (The Grateful Dead allowed recording and encouraged the distribution of their music from shows), I’ve always felt that musicians should make most of their money from performances and not from the copyrights of their songs. I wrote to my senators and congressmen when I first saw the technology in an effort to explain why things would change but copyright protection has been in place for hundreds of years and it took some time (about 7 years) for the reality to sink in with the music industry. This demonstrates and confirms my theory that, legalities can not stand in the way of practicality because the best solution will always become ‘common sense’. BTW, don’t steal that phrase or I’ll sick my copyright attorney on you! No really, I’m not kidding, but I don’t demand money just credit… 🙂

This is the link to the new peer to peer music service. I’m sure there will be other services like this one working to sign deals with the music industry, but hat’s off to Qtrax because they ‘broke the ice’. I will write another post after I have a chance to try out the service and review it.


Music Downloads – Build Your Dream Library!

Posted in Download Management, Entertainment, Firefox Extension, Music, Web Site on September 2, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson


For many years I’ve been looking for the best way to download music. I’ve tried several solutions including some of the peer to peer services. Nothing has worked as well as the combination of the search site SkreemR and the Firefox extension Unplug.

I use the ‘advanced search’ which lets you break out; artist, album, or title. After you search, SkreemR pulls up your results, you ‘hit the fish’, which is the icon for the Unplug extension, and it will open a new tab with a list (including name and type) of all the files available for download from the SkreemR search page. This way, you don’t have to listen to the song or let the page load. If you type in a query on a band, you can download all the songs listed on the page in a minute or two.

First you should download the Unplug Firefox Extension. Of course, if UnPlugyou don’t have Firefox you can: Get Firefox Here. Then grab the UnPlug extension. After that, go to the site and start searching! Of course, you should use good judgment and only download songs that are legal to download. Have fun building a great music archive!

Term ‘Codec’ a Mystery? Download This and Keep it That Way!

Posted in Disk and File Mgt, Entertainment, Music, Utilities, Video on August 31, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

CodecInstaller – is the answer for those of us that don’t want to know the technical details behind all the different audio & video formats. We just want to push play on our PC and have it show us the movie. This software will check your system and find out what codecs are there and then bring up a screen that will list the codecs you don’t have and give you the option to install them. I know enough about the subject to know that if I download the Divx and the Xvid packages it will take care of just about all of my video requirements. The interface does provide information on each codec and it tells you if you have it installed or not. In my case, I didn’t have the Ogg Vorbis codec, which is an audio codec that allows me to put more mp3 songs on a disk or in memory. So I was able to fit more songs on my player. However, when I transferred the songs to a disk and I went to play in my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser it wouldn’t recognize the .ogg file format.

There are some issues but the ability to put more data on less space is an important subject and CodecInstaller makes managing those standards much easier for people like me who are not focused on understanding the file standards. It helps me get the most out of my investment in both my media and the systems they are run on. I believe everyone that wants to record music or watch/record movies or other videos online should install the CodecInstaller.

Just so you are not surprised… After you select which ‘codecs’ you want it will download the codec installation packages and they install just like any other software product. So check it out and install the stuff you are missing. It could mean that you can get more songs on your portable music player or you might be able to fit that video you took of your daughter’s play on one CD instead of 2.

codec wave

Must Have Audio Tool

Posted in Music, Music Editor on August 18, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

Audacity is a very well known program for audio recording. I’ve used it for years, just to fool around with the audio tracks that I have. Besides all the ‘make sense’ musical reasons to have Audacity on your PC there is also something to be said for archiving your own list of sound files. Those who are talented willaudacity color

enjoy turning down their favorite song’s voice tracks and singing into their microphone and making it sound like you’ve got a headline band backing you up. You can create your own lullabies or love songs or let your imagination go and put together God only knows what else.

All kidding aside, Audacity is a pretty powerful program and has always kept up it’s freeware status. Everyone should have a copy of Audacity on their desktop, everyone should experiment with it and know what it does, and everyone should have a couple of fun ‘when I’ve got the time’ Audacity projects. It does the soul good to stay up late the night your divorce goes through banging out the lyrics to one of The Guess Who’s tracks. Trust me, a night with Audacity can do the soul some good. By the way, those audio files I made will never, ever, see the light of day. So download Audacity and I’ll personally guaranty that someday you’ll be glad you did. Oh, one more thing… buy a microphone or you’re waisting your time.

Music Downloads, Fast, Fun, Free!

Posted in Entertainment, Music on August 18, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

RaimaRadio is truly a unique and fabulous service for anyone with some extra disc space and a desire for music. I can even tag a song to be recorded in the future and this program will watch for it and record it when it plays on one of the stations I’m monitoring. I’m totally amazed at what a fantastic service thisradio

provides. There are plenty of programs that let you listen to Internet radio stations but that is only a small part of what RaimaRadio does. It’s primary function is in it’s ability to capture the songs you want, all with digital clarity and stored in an mp3 file format. It’s easier to run than most of the peer to peer or even torrent solutions to downloading music. Download it and tinker with it a little and I’m sure you’ll find that you can add a great deal of quality media to your collection.

I’m a little worried about the legalities associated with a service like this and I’m no expert in the legal details but I’m afraid that musicians are going to need to embrace the Internet as opposed to trying to force restrictions upon the users. There are just too many ways to interpret the law and too many smart people developing new solutions and the reason behind it is the great quality and convenience the brings to music distribution. If the industry would embrace it as opposed to fighting it off, the market would explode at an even greater rate than it has. I’ll get off my soapbox but I think technology should be viewed as an opportunity not a problem. Hopefully RaimaRadio will be available in the long run but I don’t see how it can last when the copyright lawyers are all well employed. I was up, running, and recording in less than 2 minutes with the software. So give it a try.