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Must Have Audio Tool

Posted in Music, Music Editor on August 18, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

Audacity is a very well known program for audio recording. I’ve used it for years, just to fool around with the audio tracks that I have. Besides all the ‘make sense’ musical reasons to have Audacity on your PC there is also something to be said for archiving your own list of sound files. Those who are talented willaudacity color

enjoy turning down their favorite song’s voice tracks and singing into their microphone and making it sound like you’ve got a headline band backing you up. You can create your own lullabies or love songs or let your imagination go and put together God only knows what else.

All kidding aside, Audacity is a pretty powerful program and has always kept up it’s freeware status. Everyone should have a copy of Audacity on their desktop, everyone should experiment with it and know what it does, and everyone should have a couple of fun ‘when I’ve got the time’ Audacity projects. It does the soul good to stay up late the night your divorce goes through banging out the lyrics to one of The Guess Who’s tracks. Trust me, a night with Audacity can do the soul some good. By the way, those audio files I made will never, ever, see the light of day. So download Audacity and I’ll personally guaranty that someday you’ll be glad you did. Oh, one more thing… buy a microphone or you’re waisting your time.