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Save Money! Cancel Cable – TV For The Next Generation

Posted in Entertainment, Video on September 11, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

joost.jpgJoost has been around for a few months and is the best ‘TV over the Internet’ site I’ve found (although there is a lot of competition). Joost has a pretty good lineup of channels and should keep you satisfied for hours of high definition television bliss. It makes me wonder how long cable companies are going to be around. Theoretically, you could buy a large PC monitor and hook it up to a good CPU, which you could buy with all the money you save on cable bills, and (if you subscribe to the other ‘TV over the Internet’ services) get a pretty comparable service to standard cable and just think of the benefits! Joost still has a few kinks that will keep it out of the mainstream living room, but for those of us who are comfortable with technology, it is a viable option. I’m thinking about switching my cable off. My teenager doesn’t watch television any longer and if my 10 year old twins had access to a computer in a comfortable setting they could make the change as well.

You have to download Joost from the site below. It takes a fairly robust PC but nothing the average household doesn’t have today. You could go out and spend 400 bucks on an e-machine and be more than ready to run Joost. After you download, and sign in, you’ll have to get used to the interface and the way it assigns ‘channels’ but you could be watching television productively within a half hour, maybe less…


When I wrote this post I didn’t realize that Joost was still doing their Beta. You should be able to get an instant invitation at the site below. Please let me know if you have any trouble getting a membership. My thanks and appreciation to Gigaom for letting us in on their coattails.


veohThere is another solution and maybe even a better one. Here is a site named Veoh that has an open beta of their internet TV. The quality is even great with their streaming setup, which you get just by going to the site. They have a very strong list of channels and movies. I’m currently checking out their Veoh home TV (open beta), which I would give you a link directly to that website but it requires you to get a username before downloading the software but it is no problem, all you have to do is register.

With the combination of these 2 sites I truly believe the cable company is going to start getting some cancellations from the geeks like me. But they still have Road Runner (cable modem) and I even have my phone hooked up with them. So I can’t eliminate my bill but I can certainly lower it! If you like TV, you’ve got to check out Veoh. I didn’t even mention it’s social aspects and other features but you’ll be impressed every time you click your mouse.


Term ‘Codec’ a Mystery? Download This and Keep it That Way!

Posted in Disk and File Mgt, Entertainment, Music, Utilities, Video on August 31, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

CodecInstaller – is the answer for those of us that don’t want to know the technical details behind all the different audio & video formats. We just want to push play on our PC and have it show us the movie. This software will check your system and find out what codecs are there and then bring up a screen that will list the codecs you don’t have and give you the option to install them. I know enough about the subject to know that if I download the Divx and the Xvid packages it will take care of just about all of my video requirements. The interface does provide information on each codec and it tells you if you have it installed or not. In my case, I didn’t have the Ogg Vorbis codec, which is an audio codec that allows me to put more mp3 songs on a disk or in memory. So I was able to fit more songs on my player. However, when I transferred the songs to a disk and I went to play in my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser it wouldn’t recognize the .ogg file format.

There are some issues but the ability to put more data on less space is an important subject and CodecInstaller makes managing those standards much easier for people like me who are not focused on understanding the file standards. It helps me get the most out of my investment in both my media and the systems they are run on. I believe everyone that wants to record music or watch/record movies or other videos online should install the CodecInstaller.

Just so you are not surprised… After you select which ‘codecs’ you want it will download the codec installation packages and they install just like any other software product. So check it out and install the stuff you are missing. It could mean that you can get more songs on your portable music player or you might be able to fit that video you took of your daughter’s play on one CD instead of 2.

codec wave

Grabbing Video Streams in Firefox

Posted in Download Management, Entertainment, Video on August 22, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

UnplugI’ve tested most of the extensions for grabbing streaming video on the Internet and downloading it to your PC and the one that works the best is UnPlug. There are all kinds of solutions posted on the Firefox page but over time UnPlug has delivered the best solution. It is compatible with just about every form of video on the Internet and the developer keeps the code up with the new releases of Firefox.

When you see a video you want you just click on the fish and it opens a new tab and lists all the videos found on that page. Then you choose the one you want and you’re done. Works like a charm almost every time, which is a good deal more often than most of the other extensions in this category do.