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Flick The Pic – Quick Access to Your Photos From Firefox

Posted in Firefox, Firefox Extension, Free Storage on Internet, Photo, Sidebar, Social Bookmark, Extensions on September 22, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

I use the Flickr photo service because it’s a great photo management site but also because there are a lot of tools available so I can manage my entire online photo experience. One of those tools is the Flickr Sidebar and it’s a great way to look up pictures while you are working on your blog or website or when you want to send an email of a picture… You simply click on your AllinOne Sidebar and it gives you a list of thumbnails on your left panel. If you don’t see what you want you can either search for your photo or just page through them. If you are not using Flickr yet, you should. They are one of the best sites for managing, organizing, and sharing photos. They helped define the online photo business.

You can download the Flickr Sidebar for Firefox at the link below.

Sadly, the one thing that Flickr doesn’t do well is organize their ‘tools page’. To download the flickr uploader that I’m using and recommending in this post click on this link.

Breedlink: Flickr Uploader for Windows

The Flickr page of tools is at They have a new uploader specifically for XP and a plugin for Windows Explorer that I have yet to use, so I can’t recommend. I’ll be checking those out in the next couple weeks and I’ll post my opinion on them then.


Bookmarks or Favorites – Accessible and Fast to Tag

Posted in Bookmark, Firefox, Firefox Extension, Social Bookmark, Extensions on August 22, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

Someone needs to come up with a bookmarking system that links the popular services together because everyone I know has at least 2 that they work with on a regular basis. I use Delicious, Digg, Furl, andDelicious Stumble Upon. Some of these do more than just bookmark. Stumble Upon is a cross between Delicious and Myspace. But the extension where I keep my primary bookmarks is Delicious. The extension runs well, it’s fast to tag, fast to search, and fast to access on your browser. So it’s my choice for the ‘best of breed’ but there are other social bookmarking services that I will have posts on because they offer different niche’s of value and anyone that is trying to stay up to speed with everything needs to be tuned into more than one social bookmarking service.

This is the Firefox extension for Delicious. I only keep a couple of other bookmarks that are visible on my Firefox toolbar and that is because of the speed and ease of use of this extension.