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IE Compatibility Issue? If You Run Into Trouble Just Click This

Posted in Firefox, Firefox Extension, Tabs on September 1, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

IE Tab is the name of an extension that completely resolves any last remaining issue anyone can have for not switching to Firefox (FF)! If you happen to run into a site who says they don’t work well with Firefox, there are fewer and fewer every day, but there are some… this extension will allow you to click a button on the bottom of your toolbar and FF will load the new page from Internet Explorer within Firefoxe’s GUI. You can even have it load into Firefox as a new ‘tab’.

This is another FF extension that should be included as standard… but it only takes a second to go out and install it and then you can forget about it. It doesn’t load anything unless you use it. Therefore, I recommend that every FF browser have this extension installed (just in case you run into one of those “old fashioned” sites).


Who Knew Tabs Were Complicated? Lotsa Value in Tabmix Plus

Posted in Firefox, Firefox Extension, Tabs on August 22, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

Tab Mix Plus is a great extension that defines how the tabs will operate in Firefox. It allows you to control things like; the “focus”, meaning what tab shows after you close the tab you are looking at, and how items open when you click on a link in your email or other external program… There are a lot of different options you can go through and customize. Once you install the extension and restart Firefox open up the “extensions” window and select the tab mix plus extension, and then select “options” and the options will display for you. This extension solves a lot of problems that you might run into with tabbed browsing. Everyone should have this installed and get familiar with the options and how they work. It’s easy to use and learn and it is kind of important to understand. Just like it’s important to know what vertical and horizontal control are on your TV and how to adjust them!