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Draw a Plan, Paste .doc

Posted in Drawing, Office on August 19, 2007 by Ethan Dickenson

Dia is the ultimate drawing program. I like to think of it as a white board with all kinds of objects that you can use to help make your point. I got addicted to Visio at my last job. I would map out my customer’s computer environments and show them how our software would fit into their existing infrastructure.

You can use DIA to do things like, map out the rooms in your home to plan for development or redecorating, create a landscape plan for your yard, put together flowcharts, draw out networks, design circuit boards or other projects that involve electricity… Anything that you would normally grab a piece of graph paper to draw out is something you can use DIA for. I believe that most people have a need for DIA but they don’t know its out there and available for them.

DIA is a feature rich product that has hundreds of objects that you can put on a drawing board, resize, edit, and use. You can import and export into Visio and you can paste your drawings into your word processor or presentation graphics software (like Power Point). If you have a need to draw something out, you can’t go wrong with DIA. Everyone should be aware of this great product and spend some time learning how to use it.

You can get additional objects or ‘shapes’ from this link (which is also available on the DIA download page)