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Budget in a SNAP With Mint!

Posted in Banking, Financial, Reporting, Web Site on December 3, 2008 by Ethan Dickenson

mintFor several years I’ve wanted to get a look at my financial data and see where my money was going. I wanted to figure out how much I spent on groceries, gas… and I wanted to be able to see my financial portfolio in one place. My computer came with Microsoft Money and for 2 years I fooled around with it but it never really worked the right way. I could force a spreadsheet into it and then look at some of the data and there was a ‘sync’ feature but it never worked properly for me… Eventually the OEM license that was on my PC ran out and I just resigned myself to defeat. But then I found Mint. I was not optimistic when I first looked at it (not for any other reason than my past experience trying to get Microsoft Money working…). But, I breathed a heavy sigh and gave it my account number at my bank. Then I found I could put in my account number at every other financial institution I dealt with. In less than a half hour I was done and I could look at more reports than I was able to get out of Microsoft Money after investing a significant amount of time in that program but I still didn’t have what I needed. I was pleased but I wasn’t completely thrilled until Mint’s system gathered my data for a couple of months. Now I’m really impressed… I get emails that tell me if I’ve spent more on gas this month than usual. I get an email that reminds me to pay my visa bill and there are all kinds of alerts I can set so the system notifies me automatically. Mint is the most useful financial reporting system I’ve ever used hands down. It’s really easy to set up and the value you get from the system is HUGE!!! The folks over at Mint got it right and I highly recommend going to their site and signing on. It’s the best way for someone who isn’t an accounting person to get insight into their financial spending. Now I’m working on creating a real budget. Which is something that I’ve talked about for years but never accomplished because of my inability to get at the data I need. Hats off to MINT! They made it easy for everyone to gather their financial information and many many have failed where MINT delivers. I recommend them without reserve, to everyone!!! Oh, one more thing… like everything else I recommend on this site… it’s free!