7.10.07 – Summer Fever

And why am I not wearing a shirt? It’s 102 in the shade here today and my air is out. So no lipping off.


2 Responses to “7.10.07 – Summer Fever”

  1. Ernest Hemmingway Says:

    What is your problem? You look like such a goofball but on the other hand you do look intelligent and well kept. I am looking for a young lad to mentor and groom into being the president of my company. I’m looking for a goofball just like you. Write back to me if you are interested. My company makes millions of dollars in profit each year. I need someone with a sense of humor. Write back to me and let’s get started.

    Yours Truly,

  2. Hi,
    My name is Yolanda and I’ve been looking for a boyfriend just like you. I live close by because I had you checked up on. You are so sweet. I just want to hug and love and cuddle and marry and pet, and pinch, and kick, and drive nuts, and bite, and hate and divorce and argue and sue and win and take all your money. So write back to me! I’m hoping to hear from you… I like things my way. I’m easy too!!!

    Yours Forever and a few months,

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